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Take Back the Tap. Cutting down on plastic waste in the Pacific Rim

Working with Surfrider Pacific Rim I made this short film about the Take Back the Tap Initiative.

Surfrider Pacific Rim's new campaign, Take Back the Tap, has the end goal of banning all single-use plastic water bottles 1L and under from the Pacific Rim!

We will achieve this by supporting businesses to eliminate plastic water bottles, and, instead, offer water from the tap, fountain, and/or dispenser. We are challenging all businesses to get on board and join the campaign to eliminate single-use plastic bottles by March 22nd, 2022. Surfrider will then lobby local Districts to add this item to the Single-Use Plastic Regulation. Surfrider, the business community, and fellow partners will also point visitors towards refilling reusable bottles at new water dispensers installed throughout Tofino and Ucluelet.

Watch the Video to learn more.

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