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Galungan Festival, Bali, Indonesia

2 sec ƒ/3.5 ISO 400 17 mm

This photograph is taken in a Balinese Hindu temple at night during the Galungan festival. The illumination of the backs of the people sitting in the foreground was caused by them lighting incense. A little light goes a long way in a long exposure. One thing I like about this photograph which I didn't notice the first few times is the statue of a god on the right hand side which is looking down over all the praying Balinese. It is truly an amazing thing to witness. The sounds of bells, and the deep voice of the priests chanting prayers. The smell of incense and fresh flowers. This same scene might have been taking place over a thousand years ago. Photography tips: Of course with a long exposure you always want to use a tripod and a self-timer/remote. Best way to avoid people looking at you while you photograph something like this is to sit down and interact a little bit, within a minute people will start to ignore you. Than once you are "invisible" you make your photo. Half these people knew I was there but not one of them is looking. Bali, Indonesia.

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