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5 Quick Tips for Hanging Wall Art

1. Color coordination

Try to use complimentary colors within the art and the surrounding furniture and especially the wall paint color.

2. Wall Shape

The shape of the wall you are decorating has a huge influence on which piece you should choose display

For Small walls:

A tightly-grouped even number of pieces in a small area, such as a stair landing, is perfect and gives a window effect. Light colors enhance this effect.

For Large walls Spaces:

Large Spacing and generally larger size prints

3. Measure twice, Hammer once!

Do your arrangement first on the floor and then cut out paper or carboard shapes and tape them to the wall to see how they will look.

4. Always Hang at Eye Level

If you are hanging just one piece then make sure the center is at eye level. If you are hanging multiple pieces make sure the middle of the group is at eye level.

If there is a table nearby you could hang a bit lower since people will be sitting in that area.

5. Picture Placement on a wall — size matters

Never hang art over furniture that is bigger than the furniture, anything under 75% the size of the furniture is good.

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