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An aarti is a devotional ritual that uses fire as an offering. It's usually made in the form of a lit lamp, and in the case of the Ganges River, a small diya with a candle and flowers that's floated down the river. The offering is made to the Goddess Ganga, also affectionately referred to as Maa Ganga, goddess of the holiest river in India.

These younf Brahmins clapping and singing during the Aarti Ganga ritual on the banks of the Ganges River

A candle at an Aarti Ganga Ritual. I witnessed many Aarti Ganga rituals along the Ganges and they were all different but with the same general idea.

The photographer gets what he deserves in India

A portrait of Alu Baba. Alu means potato, this yogi has survived on nothing but potatoes for the last 20 years!! He was such a bright and humble man. I think he enjoyed being photographed. Taken near Pushkar, India

Hawa Mahal the Palace of Winds in Jaipur, India. Taken just as the sun was setting and the lights to illuminate the building were switched on. I did a slightly long exposure to capture the motion of the vehicles rushing past on the street below.

Close up of the top of Hawa Mahal

The lights that illuminate the building at night are wonderful.

somewhere in Rishikesh

A women sitting in the Mehrangarh Fort in Johdpur, Rajastan

Camels in Rajasthan

Camels in Rajasthan

A yogi poses for a photo along the banks of the Ganges in RIshikesh

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