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A red fox staring me down on the Surprise Lake Rd. in Atlin, BC

The Wokkpash Canyon is a truely inspiring vista. This 5km long canyon of Hoodoos is a part of a 6 day back country trek. I think this is one of the most beautiful treks I have ever done.

Getting a really decent photo of a black bear is difficult. For one in Northern BC they are much more dangerous than the black bears in the south or near the coast. Also its hard to get on eye level with them and still be safe in a vehicle. It took me 4 years of photographing hundreds of black bears to get what I feel is a decent intimate portrait.

Stone mountain, Northern Rockies, BC

I encountered this young Lynx and its mother while hiking in the Liard River Corridor Provincial Park.

Atlin Lake

A moose posing in the golden light. Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park

Spring is here. Watched this beautiful sunset down by Atlin lake yesterday so many interesting colours there right now. I have a few more images that I will post soon.

Yesterday I climbed White mountain to see if I could find some mountain goats. It was exhausting to carry my heavy camera gear and tripod up the steep cliffs. I was lucky enough to get one photo of this goat. He looked at me for about 2 seconds and than ran away up the cliffs and out of sight. For me this is what the north is all about, incredible wild animals that are fast disappearing all over the world. We are so lucky to live in this amazing wilderness and see these wild animals

The melting ice on Muncho lakes makes an amazing variety of shapes and textures. Tis reminds me of waves that have been instantly frozen.

A northern Pygmy Owl, at 2 inches tall this was a tricky one to get a good photograph of

Atlin Lake before freeze up

Wild Wood Bison herd Crossing the Liard River Bridge

Interesting long brown hairs on this black bear. I called him the Porcupine bear.

A blonde Black Bear, the only one like it Ive ever seen.

Star trails and northern Lights oh my! Wokkpash loop, Mcdonald Valley, Northern Rockies, BC, Canada


A northern hawk owl on the hunt.

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